Source-Right is a platform to get IT services by Small Businesses and For Small Businesses.
Most of the current platforms available focus on Freelancing however Source-Right aims at connecting small businesses to get the quality IT services at right price.

For the Requestors ( One seeking Services ) the reason to use source-right is quality and right price.

The quality comes from small businesses that have delivered projects using standard methodology ( Check out the references in the Profile of the business) with small teams.
Being small allows them to price their services right.

For the Providers ( Providing Services the reason is to be able to connect with the right audience to provide right services.

Service like call in and interact with our expert to go through the entire process of identifying the right provider for you make it user friendly for those yet to jump on the Technology wagon.

Its a win win for both the smalll business requestors and Providers. Lets get rolling !

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