When to Celebrate ?

As an entrepreneur You started you dream project. You say let me mark that first success and then celebrate. Don’t celebrate to early, lest it is affected by someone’s evil eye. (Nazar na lage!).

I suggest celebrate every major step you take.  The Celebration scale may vary but celebrate.

Celebrating milestones injects life into the your dream project, making it worthwhile for everybody to contribute to the long term success including you.Celebration is a way to  stop to enjoy the successes  and not miss on those small joys in your journey.

Here is how you can plan to celebrate to keep the zing going

  1. Set short term goal – Celebrate when you achieve it.
  2.  Set time to reflect quarterly – You might have not achieved your goal but gained many perspective and other intangibles which add to your success. Celebrate those intangibles.
  3.  Celebrate the many firsts – First Product Demo, First  Customer, First employee,First Referral, First event.. the list can be endless.
  4. Celebrate the success of your stakeholders ( Employees, Vendors, Clients ) as appropriate.
  5. Celebrate the seasonal festivities .

Don’t overdo but don’t keep postponing it.

Celebrate your journey and keep the momentum going !

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