Success if yours to keep if you start and persist!

Friend said “Age is not a barrier for learning, it’s the perseverance which makes it happen.True perseverance is one of the ingredients of success yet many of us struggle to keep focus when the going gets tough.I took Ice Skating lessons in my  thirties and I passed level one.I wouldnt lie many a times I wanted to give up !

Lessons I learnt apart from basics of skating

  • Taking the first step is the key, make up your mind.
  • Learning something new is a change and you will get used to a new normal. Here the new normal was the slippery floor.
  • We struggle to learn because of fear, fear to let go, fear of failure, fear of consequences.
  • A good trainer/mentor can play a big role in your success. Sometimes it’s the experience which can be a good teacher.
  • Don’t compare with what others are doing, focus on perfecting what you need to, to be successful.
  • Slow and steady OR Fast and Furious, it’s your style and it’s your success to keep if you start and persist.

Keep celebrating the joy of learning!

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