At a networking event an ex teacher at high school felt standardization of syllabus and test was not the right thing to do.

Look at the beautiful roads and consistent layouts of the houses here in US. It is standardization.

You want to buy something that fits the door you know that there is something that would fit the standards

But again there is those special ed students who don’t get their diplomas because they don’t meet the standard. It means they get no jobs as they don’t have the necessary qualification.

Coding standards my all time favorite!

It got me thinking pros and cons of standardization and is there a way in between ?

Pros Cons
Quality Every body at least get the bare minimum quality Quality is dependent on the provider
Creativity With a  free hand there is an option to be more creative Creativity is to be explored within the boundaries
Outcomes What can be measured can be improved. Outcome is dependent on the person.

The focus is then on standardization and not on learning.

Outliers They might at least reach the standard Outliers suffer as standardization might not be a fit

There has to be a middle ground Standardization with room to wiggle and bring the best to the table. Make necessary ifs and then’s.

Its all about thinking it through, getting the stakeholders aligned,implement, review and cycle continues.


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