Smart @Work

Smart Cities,Smart Phones, Smart Network, Smart speakers..the world is getting really smart.

This holiday season we got a Smart Speaker Google Mini (GM).

How does my day look like a day after Google Mini

Me: Hey Google – Good Morning

GM : It’s 7:30 in the morning and the weather today is windy with a high of 59 and low of 25.

(Dress Accordingly)

Here is the news this morning ..Curated news of happening around USA and the world.

Me: Hey Google Stop. This is so nostalgic. Just like my Mom would listen to news at the start of the day after some morning soothing music

Me: How does my calendar look today ?

GM : Meeting at 9:00 am at the coffee shop with Mr X, 11-12 Social Media update

Son : What time do the Packers play today ? Ask Google Mini (It should have a better name.)

Toddler son: Can I watch Rhymes? Hey Google Mini can you sing Twinkle Twinkle..Yeah big Smiles

GM: Twinkle Twinkle

Dad: Can you set timer for Son’s Ice skating at Ice Skating

GM: Yes all set

Son: Do you know the world’s population ?

GM : 7.6 billion

Dad : Can you play this song on TV

GM : Chrome casts the show on TV

Me: Can you call X on the phone

GM : Places the call


It’s like a genie at work. Information at fingertips ! I am enjoying Google Mini to know my calendar, setup reminders, Cast music, Find some quick information just like I am interacting with somebody.

I am sure it has its own quirks but I do see lot of benefits for Mom’s multitasking their morning,

SMB leaders who don’t necessarily have a personal assistant, the kids who can just ask their unending questions to get information or the old who can do many a operations without any assistance.

Kudos to the new gadget on the block.

P.s Those using Echo Dot these do not come as a surprise , It has most of the features of Alexa and the net is abundant with lot of comparisons and reviews.


What latest gadgets have you added to your day to day life and what is its no 1 benefit.

TO me its Google Mini and the benefit is #ProductivityImprovement. It’s my Personal assistant !


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