Quality – Small Business IT woes.

Till date I have had one developer on my team , fresher who wrote the code with Zero defects once, I mean it passed all the quality testing at the first go. I am not sure if he repeated that feat ever again.

That brings the important question how do you shop for quality IT.

Are you a small business looking to hire somebody to develop your website/mobile app ?

Do you hire from freelancer or other such site and hope to meet that developer that will deliver zero defects product.

Here’s 3 step plan you can follow to ensure Quality

  • Define what quality means to you.
  • Ask how do they typically measure quality ?  If you cant measure it you can’t improve or track it.
  • Ask who does the quality assurance – testing if its a single developer.
  • Know that quality comes at a cost, but you don’t have to compromise on quality.

#Tip work with small businesses with team size of 2 + who have the necessary experience and process to deliver quality at right price and cost.

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