Have you used any kind of XaaS (Anything As a Service ) ? It could be Saas (Software as a Service),PaaS ( Platform as a Service),IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service) ? Most likely you are using AWS ,its a IaaS !

Here are the top 6 reasons to choose to choose XaaS

  1. Flexibility – Use it when you need it, amp is when there is a need for more or scale it down as required
  2. Increased Service Window (24/7) – With internet your business never really sleeps and so do you need more uptime without giving up on quality
  3. Specialization access with minimal know how – You might not have the IT infrastructure or Server specialist inhouse, fret not when you have those as XaaS), you get the specialized skills at right cost.
  4. Latest & Greatest is easily accessible
  5. Cost Effectiveness

Now lets see if we can apply these to the Project Management as a Service and still meet the 6 constraints for Project Management

  • Scope
  • Schedule
  • Cost
  • Schedule
  • Quality
  • Risk

Applying the above benefits to the PmaaS

Now remember PmasS can be implemented in-house or external.

  1. Flexibility – Use it when you need it, amp is when there is a new initiative and  scale it down as required. A great fit to lower your cost and meet your schedule.
  2. Increased Service Window (24/7) –  With you having time to focus on things you need and a team that is available to you to meet your project needs there is certainly increased service window as you are not tied up with things that are not your forte. Quality constraints is addressed with increased service window.
  3. Specialization access with minimal know how – Use the right project Management tool, say Gantt charts, Estimation techniques, Quality Standards, you dont have to be a specialist in project Management. All your Project Constraints are better managed by the specialist in Project Management.
  4. Latest & Greatest is easily accessible – Have you updated your Review checklist, have you revised your estimation guidelines,Risks Mgmt to better manage your risks.
  5. Cost Effectiveness – With the flexibility to have the Project Management team based on your needs you can better manage your costs.

One of the cons of using XaaS is  you perceive you lose control. It is in the interest of the PmaaS to have better Stakeholder Management and make it a success, so with appropriate handshakes you can maintain the control you deem fit to make the Project a success.

Do you see merits in PmaaS ? Do you know of any provider you can trust ?

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