New Year Adventure

The last one week was interesting .The kids (8 and 10 yrs) wanted a new project and I told them I could setup a free website for them to write articles. Their enthusiasm knew no bounds. We followed the Lean methodology Build, Measure, Learn.

This is what they did.










Out came some papers and a file.

1 They came up with a Name, Logo and a tag line. They resolved some conflicts here as they did have different thoughts !

Check out their initial articles Day@EruptingDolphins  and  Why Erupting Dolphins

2 People who will contribute. Going Solo was a thought but for long term commitment they decided to be partners.

3 What will the content be about

4 Frequency of their update.

5 Their requirements were

  • Free Hosting
  • Free Technology
  • Ease of use
  • They wanted the site today. One of them was really persistent about it.

Ideas are built in to the product!


We coded the website using wordpress and free hosting !

It took a couple of tweaking to get it running , remove some things that were not required

The built product (code) is measured to produce Data


Post content on topic of interest to the kids and see use no of people visiting the site to measure the popularity of the site and the content.

Data is used to infer new learnings and update the site.

What a Fun project ! Its still a work in progress but love the articles and thoughts coming along ! Visit their site at

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