Learnings -2017

Its that time of the year , good time for introspection.

Things I have learnt this year

  1. Compassion is a feeling and an action taken for that feeling may be for a complete stranger without expectation. It is something that can be cultivated by being aware of it. Many a times we feel it but don’t act on it.
  2. Enthusiasm of  new beginning is infectious.
  3. Enthusiasm of new beginning should be accompanied by the persistence for long term success.
  4. You have to get up and get there for you to be heard. Start Networking !
  5. Avoidance as a technique for rejection is not a great tool but can be used till your emotions are out there. Make yourself heard but don’t create a scene.
  6. Something will happen at its own time, but you can’t wait for time to make it happen. Take action and the results will happen.
  7. Its always a right time to connect with your buddies. Connect with your well wishers anytime.
  8. What goes around comes back. Watch out what you are giving.
  9. Celebrate you !

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