There are many of us who a have dream of having that side business or great business idea waiting to kickstart. Some of you even got that domain registered, but there is a show stopper, how do I go ahead, what exactly do I ask when I seek for IT services.

Lets see to begin , lot of small peices to assemble.

  • Domain
  • Email Id
  • Hosting services
  • Website built
  • Complete security ( big or small)
  • logo
  • Content
  • Photographs

It is an interesting observation,it feels great to have somebody knowledgeable incharge so you could focus on things you do best. That’s ideate about your business and run it !

Top 3  reasons for right sourcing

  • You have an extended team when you need it
  • There is timeline and deadline for things to happen
  • You have that extra bandwidth to focus on running the businesses

Don’t insist on DIY, collaborate find the team that will help you build your Website or get your IT started.


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