How to Add Google Adsense to your Blog


Your blog is all set you are churning out good content. It is an aha moment to see advertisement displayed on your own blog. Looks Professional !

If you love working with your word press site its easy. If not give a shout out and we can do it together.

Why Advertisements/ What are my options ?

Advertisement is one of the ways to monetize your blog. It doesn’t hurt to make a little dough with your content.

This article is about Google Adsense setup, but if for any reason your account is disabled here are your alternatives.

Steps to add Google Adsense to your site

Create a Google adsense account. You need to be 18 yrs old and need a website.

  1.  It will take 6-8 hours after submitting your application.
  2.  You can verify your phone, payment info and log in.
  3.  Once you log in you can create Ad Unit or go to Page Level ad. Click on Page Level ad, determine the type of Page Level Ad. Copy the code using the button Get Code at the bottom of the page
  4.  Paste the code in the text widget and place it appropriately. Wait for a day or two for the ads to be actually displayed.
  5.  Relish your AHA moment ! You did it.
  6.  Monitor your adsense account to see how you are doing.

Happy Monetizing !

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