Interesting question !

Most of the engineers or many a people say I can’t sell.

What do you do when you have this brilliant idea to make work interesting or for a project for your kid?

You got to sell your idea. And how do you go about doing it ?

-You are really passionate about the idea .

-You know the pros and cons

-You know how it fares as compared to some other thoughts, or you are ready to reason out how your idea might be the best.

End result Your idea is bought into or worse it is shot down due to some valid reason or in your mind invalid reasons.

But that enthusiasm to go and try to convince somebody about something you are passionate about or really believe in makes Sales an enjoyable experience.

There is a science to it and lot of terms to get it right most number of times the funnel, the churn etc. But bottom line is you got to believe in what you are going to sell.

However do remember sometimes you might be passionate, but it might still not work and you might have to make peace with it.

Happy Selling !!

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