WOW Timed Right!

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Over the weekend my friend gifted her husband a vinyl record of old songs. I could tell he was impressed and really happy with his gift.

It was their 11th anniversary and to me to be able to surprise him after 11 yrs was indeed a wow moment.

We all go through this I have given it all – perfume, dresses, watch, dinner date etc etc, What should I do differently ?

Back to business You have a client for last 11 yrs, good relationship , delivering all that’s required ,its like a well oiled engine !

Yet there is that sense of settling in , familiarity . The management changes and a competitor tries to creep in.

Then the question, is there a thing as customer loyalty ? Yes as long as you continue to work in the interest of the customer  change will not be an easy decision.

Key – keep creating those WOW moments.

How to create WOW moments ?

  • Know your customer
  • Know their pain points and overall landscape.
  • Offer consultation and bring in key people from your organization to facilitate learning, different view points
  • Hold workshops about happenings in the industry and peers
  • Have cultural exchange – involve them in some of your events and vice versa
  • Key – Don’t wait to be asked

Keep the wow factor going!

One thought on “WOW Timed right !

  1. Debi says:

    Very well said ….

    ?enjoying bollywood songs With my Vinyl records and feeling wow!!!

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