Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


1. Are there different roles and separate logins for each role?

There are multiple roles but single login for all the roles. The logged in user can play role of “Service Requestor”, requesting the service. “Service Provider” Providing the desired service. Navigate to My Account Page to access the applicable menu options.

2. Where do I see my details? Do I need to update all the details?

You can view your details in the My Account ->Personal Information Page. You are encouraged to fill up your company profile if you want to bid for projects. This increases your chances of winning the bid. You have to enter your PayPal email id for the processing the payments.

Post A Project

3. Are all fields mandatory?

The system will give appropriate error message if mandatory fields are not filled in.

4. What is the Project End Date?

It is the date for accepting the proposals for the project. The duration for execution of the project is mutually agreed upon while submitting the proposal.

5. What are the optional features while posting a project?

While posting a project can have 3 Optional Paid features. Featured – It will list in the featured projects on the landing page to receive maximum eyeballs. Hidden – The Project will be hidden from the Search engines. Sealed – The bids from other bidders will be seen only by the person who has posted the project.

Select a Winner

6. How is the winner for a project chosen?

The winner will be chosen by the Service Requestor based on his selection criteria.


7. What are the pre-requisites for starting work on a project?

The system uses Paypal escrow System and the amount has to be deposited before the chosen Provider can start working on it.• The escrow system ensures the amount is released to the Provider only once the work is approved by the Requestor or after 90 days from the start of the project, whichever is earlier.

8. How much does the site charge for each project ?

The site charges a % of the project fees + PayPal fees to the Provider. The Requestor doesn’t have to pay any site charges .Refer to the Fees Page for details.

9. What happens if there is a dispute?

source-right is not responsible for any dispute arising and must be mutually resolved. If the Provider doesn’t complete the work in designated time, the Requestor must send details to the to issue refund before 90 days. The amount will be refunded minus the PayPal fees for the transaction.

10. Are taxes included in the pricing?

The provider is responsible for including the tax calculation and charged in their final pricing, source-right doesn’t calculate any taxes.