Download Now – Top 10 questions to ask your technology partner.

Recently had an opportunity to work with 2 customers who were experts in their fields. They had working knowledge of the websites and using technology. Here is a snippet of our conversation .

C:I have purchased the domain and am planning to build a website.

Me: How are you planning to do it ?

C: Well I have taken a quick crash course on building website. Yet need to setup some time to experiment and build a website that I can advertise.

Me: Sounds like a plan if you will you can talk with some of the IT vendors, may be you can get what you need in your budget or might work out easier than what you thought.

Without any pressure to choose we went about getting quotes for the websites and used our selection template to get information that could help our client make the decision. The information was further analysed and our recommendations were provided with explanation to help with the decision making.

The clients were able to shortlist the IT partners and after having a discussion with them , decided it was worth to work with an expert in IT who could translate her ideas into technology within a defined period and amount.

If you are embarking on this journey of building website/mobile app and would like to get template of the questions you should ask your Technology partner click here.

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