Digital Equality means that everyone has the same amount of access to the internet and internet tools.

In my son’s school the teacher had started a donation drive for digital equality.What it meant is have more ipads at school to ensure each and every student has access to the tools that can enable their learning. Use of electronics is another topic to discuss but nobody can deny the amount of information that is accessible courtesy the internet. But do you think it can help save time and in turn money  and help bridge the socio economic differences within the society ?

To those who think internet is a luxury here is a view point from the Danenet program  working towards digital equality in Madison.

  • It can help families save 1000 $ an year
  • One can apply jobs online , it will give  visibility of opportunities and help narrow down suitable opportunities
  • One can set up appointments, do enrollments, pay bills online saving  bus/car trip or needing to take a day off
  • You can compare prices and review the items before investing money
  • Education Opportunities – Online Learning reducing the
  • Other modes of incomes – Business ownership ( Online businesses)

“It should be considered one of the key economic opportunity and civil rights issues for the 21st century”

A careful technology transition from the 19th century telephone network to high-speed fiber, Internet-based networks will usher in a new era of 21st century digital services and help ensure that no one, regardless of color, status or income, is left behind.


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