Data Analytics is for larger companies. Myth or Truth ?


Lets look at some of the scenarios

Scenario 1

You are Small Business and have presence on Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter and have a website with a blog.

You believe that you have the best content and it is driving up your business.  How do you back it up ? How do you know which is your best channel and where should you continue to invest your money ?

Use your Data Analytics provided by the Social Media.

Scenario 2

You want to develop a mobile app, but are not sure whether you should invest in one ?

Look at Google Analytics

Scenario 3

You want to identify which is your best selling product and abandonment rate to identify should you have a process(Coupon strategy) for winning back folks who are about to leave without completing the transaction.

With solutions like AlteryxDatabox and IBM Watson Analytics, it is possible to pull relevant data sets, analyzing them with advanced visualization tools and making informed real-time decisions.

Or you can talk with an expert who can guide you through the process and work with you to get you on boarded on this journey.

Do you think its a need or a luxury for Small Businesses ?





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