My son a 2nd grader is reading a book Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Best Test.

A good book for kids to put on their Entrepreneurs hat. I would highly recommend it for kids. A good way to also give them exposure to other careers than the ones we all dream of.

Here is the summary and my take away of the book. My son is still reading it so we will hear from him later what his story is . He does like Billy !

  • Partnerships work great with mutual trust and individual complementary skills
  • Ideas can fail ( The CatDog translator though a great idea revealed the secret of the Principal and had to be shelved)
  • Inventors club in school (I think a great idea to collaborate on ideas and have working models, say the spinning sandwich maker or the Gross to good food taste enhancer )
  • Test your product Early On
  • Have varied test samples
  • Marketing and Sales are a great part of business , it cant be just ideas
  • Know when to pivot or stop
  • Look at making your business sustainable , they were to host TV show for inventors and the best invention becomes part of their Business and the inventor gets a stake in it

If I have got you interested go ahead and have your kids read it and may be you too.


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