Business Applications of Reality technology

 This Thanksgiving as a door buster got an inexpensive VR smartphone headset for the kids. The kids and all the adults in the house were hooked on it, travelling to different places and moving in every direction to get the right view. Entertainment takes a different meaning in itself. Lets see if we can change the way you do business.


Does VR have place in business application ?Here is a snapshot of some of real life applications
  • Training  – Explore and learn as well as reduce the cost of training. Cars 3 uses virtual reality to train the cars , go faster , learn different techniques
  • Collaboration – Multiple parties can put on their headsets and pull up documents and collaborate virtually
  • Data display on a virtual reality interface ( Minority report style)
  • Test Lab –  Missile/plane manufactures can use to test the hypothesis before the actual launch)
  • User Experience – Virtual tour of cruise/luxury hotels
  • Ease of communication – Read a menu in one language and translate it in English or other language
  • Marketing – Promotional offers giving insight into work you do.
IT’s a technology trend you can’t ignore. Explore how can it fit into your business.#techtrends

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