She said NOOO !

I must say, its just the start of the year and I have heard 2 NO’s already. How did I handle it ?

How do you say and  handle NO in your business ?

Here are 3 step Action when you have to say NO

  1. Don’t keep it hanging.A No said on time is better delivered than the promise to let them know.
  2. If possible give reasons for the NO. Some insights on why are you saying NO can help the other person relate with it.
  3. Opportunity to connect again if things align for both of you.

Here are 3 step Action when you receive a NO

  1.  Accept it. Once you accept it, you can look at it impersonally.
  2. Understand if there is an opportunity to incorporate the feedback or learning from the NO
  3. Acknowledge the feedback and opportunity to connect later or offer the opportunity to connect later.

Over and above remember Colonel Sanders of KFC fame was turned down one-thousand and nine (1009) times before his chicken was accepted once!

Would love to hear your stories about how you handled a NO !

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