I was part of the Mentor match team organised by Doyenne Group in the Forward Fest and would say there were some real Business problems at the table that people were looking to be mentored for. One of them is answering 5W1H questions related with Technology choice & upgrade?

This post will pose the case-study and the questions. Feel free to share your viewpoint and we will revisit it

You have a beautiful product ( artistic tangible products). You have taken the first step – Business registration and launched the website independently. Its all your effort. You do wish to update the contents and look and feel for the site.


  • Should I continue to work independently on the site ?
  • How much money should I invest ?
  • Where do I get the relevant resources ?
  • Is there a way I could reuse my existing efforts ?
  • What are the new features I should look at ?
  • How will I get my ROI ?
  • Most important do I need to update it now ?
  • Are these the right questions to ask ?

To summarize 5W1H ( 5 W questions and 1 H question) for technology and provider choice  are

  • Why should I do it?
  • What should I do ?
  • When should I do ?
  • Where should I do it ?
  • Who should do it ?
  • How should it be done?

source-right Buddy ( Call 608-909-0032 or reach out @ info@source-right.com) is service for small businesses to have a consultant who can help you navigate through these queries and choose the right technology partner if you choose to have one.

Here are some more details on the case study. The targeted end user are High end users. The channel to reach them would be through internet. The business though a startup is working.

Buddy recommendation

Why : Update the site as the targeted audience can be reached using online medium.

What: The look and feel as well as the content and features (blog etc), attractive layout would be inline with the creative product.

When: The business will benefit from the facelift now, when the business model is working model and next step is to fine tune the business model.

Where : Depends on  Who is going to do it , Would benefit to have a Dev site in parallel with the Prod env.

Who : Reach out to vendors who can give you a competitive bids , Be open to hear from freelancers, small teams . It can help you make decision if it should be a DIY or can somebody else can work with you.

How:  To choose the right partner to work of DIY should be based on

  • How can the content be more engaging/display , see examples or working models to get an idea, additional features
  • Reuse vs new ( identify the cost of building + maint new Vs maintaining the exisiting one should be major criteria
  • Cost
  • Portfolio


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